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Feldenkrais classes are available at Overdale Equestrian Centre with Karin Major. To book a class, or make an inquiry, please use the details on the contact page.

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What is it?

The Feldenkrais Method ® is a simple and effective way of relearning how to move with ease (as most of us did when we were babies / children), to improve posture and general health. It is a very gentle, non-invasive movement therapy. It enables you to become more aware of your body, your habits and your potential, to know where you are, so you can have control over your body, reducing muscular strain and effort.

Feldenkrais isn't about curing or fixing people. It isn't a medical treatment, it's an educational approach. It's about helping people get control back into their lives by understanding why they feel the way they do, and by learning how to move differently so that they don't have to keep feeling that way. Even when people have an organic problem or disease, it can often help them to deal with how they respond to the problem.

Who is it for?

Almost anyone can benefit from Feldenkrais. It can help people with a variety of conditions, from easing sports injuries, back and limb problems, shoulder neck and back pain, to increasing mobility and flexibility. It can also help those who are fit and well to keep in prime condition and improve their sporting activities, by improving flexibility and co-ordination of movement, encouraging improved breathing habits and relaxation.

Is it like Aerobics, Yoga or Pilates?

No, except that it can be taught in classes. The lessons are an exploration of your potential as an individual. It is not an aerobic activity. Movement is gentle and progressive; there is no 'posture' to be 'achieved'. It is not an exercise class, although it can improve balance and strength, not through the building of muscles, but through the activation of the most appropriate muscle groups (and the releasing of the opposing groups) to make activities achievable with less effort.

Why have I never heard of it?

Feldenkrais is a worldwide organisation, practised in over 20 countries outside the UK. The Feldenkrais Method was introduced to the UK in the 1980's and there are a limited number of trained Practitioners operating in Great Britain, although the number is growing. The practitioner training takes a minimum of 4 years.

Where does it come from?

The name of the Method is from its creator Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984). He was a Russian born Israeli engineer and atomic physicist who had studied mechanical and electrical engineering and physics in Paris where he worked until the invasion of France in 1940, when he escaped to Britain. He was also a keen football player and a judo black belt (he opened the first Judo school in Europe).

Following injury to himself he studied the mechanics of human movement, including how we learn to move as babies, and developed his methods to enable people to learn how to move more efficiently.

How is it taught?

Feldenkrais is available in two formats:

  • Classes — known as Awareness Through Movement ® (ATM)
  • Individual Lessons — called Functional Integration ® (FI)

In ATM group classes the teacher gives verbal instructions, leading students through a sequence of gentle movements and being aware of themselves and their breathing while moving. There are hundreds of different lessons, many of them done lying on the floor.

In FI lessons, the student is guided in a hands-on way through a series of movements to explore available possibilities.

Do I have to do homework or practice?

No. Feldenkrais is experiential learning. There is no 'theory' to learn, you absorb the lesson through doing it. It is not necessary to practice between classes, although if you feel like exploring some parts of the class again that's fine. As you become more practised you may find you become more aware of yourself and the way you move in your day-to-day activities. This is part of the learning process, but not something you can force.

Do I need any special clothing or equipment?

No. The best thing to wear is loose clothing, without belts and buckles, so your movement is not restricted. Depending on where the class is held a rug or mat may be used to lie on, and a small firm cushion (or folded towel) may be useful, but not essential.


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Feldenkrais Private
session - ATM / FI

45 minutes


£  54

Feldenkrais - special saver
6 lessons (save £42)
45 minutes x 6
£ 300   * pre-paid
Feldenkrais plus a Private
Mounted lesson
- special saver (save £10)
90 minutes
£  99
Feldenkrais Group ATM
maximum of 4
45 minutes
£  54  
up to 3 friends for free
Cyclo-ssage session
15 minutes
£ 8
Cyclo-ssage - special saver
6 sessions (save £18)
15 minutes x 6
£ 30   * pre-paid

* Pre-paid sessions to be taken within 6 months of booking.

Payment accepted by cash, cheque or BACS (40-44-26 91234021).
Sorry, we do not accept credit or debit cards.





muscles of the body

Liz W

Felden what? was my first reaction when I saw a bundle of Feldenkrais leaflets on Karin's desk. After taking one home and reading it, talking to Karin and doing a bit of research on the internet, I decided to book a session. For the past couple of months I have had intermittent lower back pain caused by tension and exasperated by my sedentary profession. (I am a counsellor, so spend a lot of time sitting down).

I had no idea what to really expect and was slightly nervous. My nerves quickly evaporated as Karin put me at ease with her quiet, confident and calming manner. Karin took time to ask me about my back, my lifestyle and stresses and listened intently to my answers. This increased my confidence further as I saw that Karin was making my session 'tailor made'.

Karin asked me to lie flat on my back on the treatment bed (table) and to spend time thinking about, and becoming aware of, my body and how it felt against the table. She then did some gentle resistance exercises/movements with my legs, gently tilting my pelvis. For someone who has issues with being touched by strangers, I felt totally relaxed and trusting of Karin. Karin also asked me to demonstrate how I normally sit - she noted that I (subconsciously) sit as though I'm about to take flight - leaning forward with heels off the floor, my feet arched. Every time I now feel myself doing this, I correct it - at Karin's suggestion, by placing my feet firmly on the floor. After that first session, several people commented on my posture, saying that I looked (and believe me, I felt!) more confident - my back was straight as were my shoulders and my body felt totally realigned. (My back pain has been greatly reduced).

I had my second session four weeks later (I would have had one sooner, but both Karin and I were away) before I had my riding lesson with Karin. This session Karin focused much more on my pelvic and stomach muscles, initially 'kneading' my stomach muscles. Not only was this incredibly relaxing, I also felt myself 'unknot'. I have always been somewhat dubious of the claims of 'healing hands', but Karin's radiated a penetrating warmth, which made me acutely aware of each muscle group. Karin ended the session by showing me how to get up and out of a chair correctly, and also how to get in and out of bed without putting undue pressure on the back and neck.

The ride after this Feldenkrais session was very different to previous ones; the main difference being that I felt so aware of my body; namely my shoulders-elbows-wrists, my seat bones, stomach muscles and pubis (which bettered my position on the saddle). I also felt more relaxed, yet confident which made me more 'connected' with my horse, Golly (although my canter left a little to be desired!). Although this sounds like an oxymoron, my Feldenkrais sessions with Karin left me feeling relaxed yet invigorated and re-energised. I also feel more flexible and am treating my body with more respect.

Karin made me feel as though I could ask her anything about the process (which I did) and she also showed me some detailed posters charting the skeleton and muscle groups.

I would, and have, recommend Karin Major to anyone who would like help with aches and pains, riders (of all abilities and experience) - indeed anyone who would like to improve their posture, or simply relax. I can't wait until my next session.

Read more at www.movetoimprove.info


  Nutritional Supplements


feldenkrais class

Correct nutrition is important to everyone, whatever your age or activities. Horses require daily care, and it is therefore important to me (Karin) that I maintain my health, so I can attend the yard daily. Although I no longer undertake the general yard duties on a day-to-day basis, I remain the back-up when other staff members are unavailable due to illness.

Several years ago, I regularly found myself anaemic, drained of energy and subject to lethargy. In retrospect, I'd say I also had mild depression. Fortunately, I met Sandra Kanfer Clarke who introduced me to the USANA range of nutritional supplements. Within weeks of taking their products my energy and general health started to improve. Since then I have gone from strength to strength. Frequently I have found that whilst all those around me have picked up a 'bug', I have either managed to avoid it totally, or my symptoms have been relatively mild, so I have been able to continue riding and working.

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USANA Nutritionals

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These great-tasting meal- and snack-replacements provide the macronutrients (low-glycaemic carbohydrates, high-quality proteins, and beneficial fats) your body needs to build health, maintain your weight, and sustain energy levels. I use these when time is tight and I need to grab a healthy snack between lessons.

Sensé - beautiful science®

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Want to learn more? Speak to Karin, or contact Sandra Kanfer Clarke at sandra@smadar.co.uk


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