Overdale EC - International Centre of Excellence for Rider Biomechanics.

Our Aim: To improve the performance of the rider, so they can be safe, competent and confident and that in turn they can be the best they can be to make it easy for the horse to carry them and to perform to the best ability of that partnership, whether just starting riding or competing at higher levels.

Approach: To explore and understand how control of the riders' body influences the horse. To find the most appropriate piece(s) of language and feelings for the individual rider on that day. To provide bite sized pieces the rider can recognise and take away to practise.

Karin & Bella

  Private Training Days

Put the focus on you - a powerful mix of rider biomechanics, Feldenkrais bodywork, off horse exercises and theory. On your own horse, or a school horse.

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  Workshops 2016

Take a look at the workshops we are offering throughout 2016; confidence, steering & symmetry, contact, body awareness, or a Philippe Karl Légèreté clinic.

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