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First Greentech

First Greentech is accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), as are all the products that we use. Our company specialises in installing solar photovoltaic (PV-electrical) systems. We employ professional experts in different aspects of a project, from roofers to electricians to solar specialists. Within this field our aim is always to have a good name achieved by adhering to our principles:


We design and deliver our solutions reliably, efficiently, transparently and safely. We offer a customer-friendly service, always with integrity. Our company is registered with the standard internationally-recognized certification scheme. We aim to build a company with a highly motivated, committed and inspirational team.


We offer a range of products, suitable for different environments to ensure the highest quality deliverable solution.

We keep abreast of the fast-moving innovations so as to ensure the most appropriate fit for an assignment. The solar panels (on-roof) or solar tiles and slates (in-roof) that we offer come with a 25 year manufacturers warranty as industry standard. Inverters come with a warranty of five years but this can be extended to 15 years. We tailor-fit the array of products to suit everything from use on homes to large-scale industrial usage.


  • Serving the Community.
  • Giving the customer a return on investment by both saving and making them money, and maximizing this return.
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels to ensure that future generations can have their share.
  • Reducing our generations' carbon footprint, by decreasing the carbon emissions from fossil fuels used to provide heating and power.
  • Encouraging the use of renewable energy through education and publicity.
  • Supplying bespoke solutions towards localised energy generation and away from the environmentally and financially costly centralized power stations.
  • Encouraging social responsibility and environmentally-friendly pollution reducing policies and action.
  • Complying with all environmental legislation.
  • A clear vision guided by ethical values towards achieving our goals. Properly harnessed solar energy is by itself more than sufficient to fuel the worlds entire energy requirements.
  • Caring about our reputation. Highest quality fitting of highest quality products. Ethical, reliable and genuine in our approach.
  • We will answer clients' questions honestly and clearly.

Please see the following link for the consumer code to which we are signatories: Real Assurance Consumer Code.

First Greentech specialises in installing solar photovoltaic (PV-electrical) systems
We endeavour to offer only cost-effective solutions to the entire installation process