Specialists in Solar Panel installation

Solar panels are
suited to most
properties. Read
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We provide tailored solutions
from homes to large scale
industrial usage. Call us
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The Feed-in Tariffs are
the Government-backed
incentive for producing
renewable electricity.
Proposed FiT changes.

First Greentech specialises in
installing solar photovoltaic
(PV - electrical) systems

We work nationwide, employing professional experts in different aspects of a project, from roofers to electricians to solar specialists.

In order for the client to qualify for the price subsidy, in the form of the Feed-in Tariff,
First Greentech is accredited by the
Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), and the products we use are MCS approved.

Green Energy

Solar PV is a great alternative to fossil fuels
and also helps to meet the targets for cutting
CO2 emissions.

Installing Solar PV can both make
you money and save you money

The rate of return on a typical house is in
the range of up to 9% which is Tax Free, guaranteed for 25 years and Index-Linked to RPI, meaning that your income continues to rise with inflation. One further advantage is that the VAT charged for both the system parts and installation, is rated at 5% VAT for residential projects.

This makes Solar PV one of the best investments for your money, both in terms
of return and safety.

We endeavour to offer only cost-effective solutions to the entire installation process.