A Circular Planting

The project was to suggest planting around a stone retaining wall. A survey was done and a planting plan produced. The site is exposed so the plants needed to be fairly hardy. They were chosen to have a blue, yellow and pink palette. The planted area is on a slope and the design contains ground hugging plants, viewed closely to ones that will grow to 1 metre, seen from other parts of the garden.

More Summer Colour

A corner of a London garden needed brighter colour in Summer through to Autumn. The plan was to have an instant effect with many plants in a small area.

Plants for a Shady Garden

A small garden needed to be completely overhauled and given colour throughout the year. Shade loving plants with a restricted palette of blue, white and a bit of pink were chosen.

Old English Planting

A bed had been revealed after a hedge was removed. The plan was to have roses and old fashioned plants that needed little maintenance.